the leaseworks advantage

Have you mapped your flight plan?

With a growing portfolio of leased aircraft in the industry, lessors and airlines will need to make quick strategic decisions with real-time data to land new business opportunities.

Current Issues

Without an integrated information system that serves the needs of technical, asset management and commercial teams, firms are faced with a number of decision making challenges:

Staffing challenges when scaling

No access to real time metrics across tech, PM and commercial

Information silos leading to poor portfolio decisions

Decisions based on disconnected Excel reports and email

Inability to view business trends or benchmark them


Our Key Advantages

Real Time Data

Search and find information on any device

Better Decisions

Gain confidence in decisions based on real time data

Find Key Trends

Visualize data trends and correlate with benchmarks

Manage Your Risk

Automatic reminders on critical milestones across your portfolio

Scale Efficiency

Grow your organization by leveraging technology

The Leading Edge

LeaseWorks leverages modern technologies for the web and mobile to give you a platform that is always fresh, easy to use and intuitive.


We incorporate social project management, social collaboration, instant messaging and mobile access to help you collaborate around your assets and reduce risks. With real time data at your finger tips, you get to make the right decisions at the right time.


Worldwide Support

Have employees in multiple time zones? No problem - so do we and can support you 24 hours a day in multiple geographies. Just email us and get answers in the blink of an eye.

Updates Even When You Sleep

LeaseWorks is built in the cloud, so improvements to your system happen in the background each quarter, with very little effort on your staff.


More importantly, you don't have to wait for years for new features or enhancements to show up.


100% Customizable

LeaseWorks allows you to add your own custom fields, create your own reports or dashboards and configure workflows. All these capabilities ensure that the system adapts to the way you work vs. the other way around.

Lightning Speed

We are built on’s multi-billion dollar infrastructure where system response times are measured in milli-seconds. This ensures that your employees always remain productive.

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