Reimagine your customer’s digital journey


Revolutionize how lessors and airlines engage each other with digital tools: from marketing aircraft to redelivery and everything in between.

Features for Lessors:

Market Aircraft

Engage airlines with real time data on available assets, specs and more

Automate Utilization Reporting

Reduce human errors and get reminders when utilizations are due

Late Payments

Stay coordinated with customers on payments

Collaborate on Aircraft Returns

Eliminate expensive late deliveries with a centralized collaboration platform

Features for Airlines:

Active Lease Information

View current and past invoices

Aircraft and Engine Details

View asset information, shop visits, MR funds allocation, historical utilization, file utilization and request MR claims

Fleet Planning

Search for available assets; review specs and submit requests

Aeris Portal Benefits:

  • Unified Communication

    Internal and external stakeholders work towards a common goal

    Real-Time Information

    Up-to-date asset information, utilization and invoice aging; Streamline collaborations

    Build Better Engagement

    Customizable workflows to build out business processes to engage customers in new ways

Key Benefits

Market assets

Airlines find available assets and download specs on demand

e-file certificates

Airlines upload documents and time-sensitive documents

Invoice aging

Centralize invoice aging information to reduce turnaround times

MR balances and claims

Centralize MR balances and communicate claim approval status in real time

Spend less time chasing information and more time making decisions

Aeris Portal



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