Commercial Teams: Marketing or Trading

Customer Deal Info At Your Finger Tips

Easy Meeting Preparations

  • Quick access to customer meeting notes, leased portfolio, delinquencies, deal activity
  • Integration with third party databases for fleet info, news articles, financials, or employee contacts
  • Review existing lessor concentration
  • Review competitive activities in your accounts

Close Deals Faster

  • Teams record details of all trading or re-marketing activities
  • Monitor deal activity from initial pipeline to LOI to diligence
  • Understand bottle necks in the organization as deals progress
  • Benchmark deals with internal and third party data

Target Prospects With Precision

  • Match aircraft availability with operator fleet data (filter by engine type, MTOW, vintage etc.)
  • Airline contact database integration to find decision makers at over 1000 airlines
  • Visualize white space based on aircraft types
  • Identify top customers and target marketing activities by customer tiers

Improve Productivity

Customer Focused Tools

  • Record customer meetings on the go with easy speech to text capability on mobile devices
  • Search and find aircraft that meet customer needs (filter by engine, MTOW, vintage etc.)
  • Review specs with customer on a mobile device and send specs immediately


Centralized Dashboards For Deal Reviews

  • Auto generate deal reports by priority to stay focused during meetings
  • Customize reports based on management needs
  • Aggregate data and visualize to find trends in the data

Powerful Mobile Tools

  • Quick mobile access to any customer or deal related data
  • Powerful search feature on mobile to find any deal or aircraft
  • Mobile dashboards to review aggregate data and then drill into details

Giving You The Power To Customize

Our powerful platform comes with customization capabilities at no extra cost - add your own fields to track additional metrics or KPIs that are unique to your sales teams.


See the whole picture by building your own reports and dashboards, to answer your company's most important questions. An embedded workflow engine helps you coordinate deals across multiple departments (pricing, legal, credit etc.) as the deal progresses.

Spend less time chasing information and more time making decisions


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