Lessors trust us to provide a highly secure and scalable cloud based solution to streamline communication across asset management, marketing, trading and finance.

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Centralize Asset Management

Keep track of lease rates, monthly utilization and maintenance reserves in one place. When critical events need attention, get alerted to take action so that you are always in compliance with lease terms:


  • Track monthly utilization of airframe, engines, LLPs, landing gears and APU to ensure compliance of lease terms
  • Get reminders when engine/landing gear overhauls are due or when LLP life remaining thresholds are met
  • Get alerts when insurance or letter of credit expirations are around the corner
  • Keep track of maintenance reserve rates, escalations, rentals and other lease terms in one place

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Monitor the three important activities at the heart of your commercial activities - buying, commercial operations, and selling of aircraft. Combine and correlate internal market intelligence with third party fleet databases, contact addresses and news feeds to get a unified view of your customer:


  • Track SLB, new order and portfolio purchases and deal metrics associated with these
  • Track aircraft re-marketing activities with internal or external benchmarks on every opportunity
  • Review airline profiles that help you prepare for meetings in less than 5 minutes
  • Generate draft LOIs and other documents from templates with technical and commercial terms pre-populated
  • Generate weekly meeting agendas for marketing calls, with up to date deal statuses so teams are better prepared

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Project, analyze and manage future aircraft condition and associated business impact centrally:


  • Maintenance event and reserve forecasts, to manage cash flow risk
  • EOLA projection and management, to optimize lease transitions and expenses
  • Portfolio reports to review asset returns in real time
  • Aging reports to review customer payment trends

Streamline Commercial Operations

Manage Cashflows

Increase Productivity

Have technical, finance and asset management teams act as one:


  • Employees make decisions around aircraft and leases using centralized data
  • Coordinate decisions taken by one team to trigger actions for others through workflows
  • Alerts on key milestones around leases or aircraft technical
  • Mobile access to all functions to make decisions outside the office
  • Self service portal for airlines to report FH/FC, maintenance events etc. and get answers
  • Generate spec sheets, disk sheets, lease or portfolio summaries
  • User profiles to provide role based access



Manage Investor Relations & Fund Raising

LeaseWorks' latest offering helps lessors manage fundraisings and synchronize activities across banks, investors, and rating agencies. Email us to learn more or get a private briefing today!


Spend less time chasing information and more time making decisions


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