Order Book Management


  • Bottoms up pricing book for aircraft based on build up of airframe, engines, L/G, APU and equipment list with yearly escalations
  • Review yearly financing needs out into the future
  • Change delivery year for automatic repricing of aircraft and financing needs
  • Lease vs. debt finance comparison
  • Understand various contractual obligations on various leases

RFP Management


  • Centralize contact database of financial counterparties and past meetings
  • Create aircraft RFP campaigns and centralize aircraft acquisitions and displosals. Track historical trends in pricing bids
  • Secure portal where counterparties can login and bid on RFPs and share available aircraft details
  • Keep track of technical requirements and RFP terms in one place
  • Centralize RFP related communications
  • Formulate future strategy based on counter party profiles based on historical interactions
  • Compare current offers vs. historical trends or management expectations
  • Real time IRR/NPV analytics to evaluate deals
  • Connect with the right counterparties
  • Discover lessors that operate specific aircraft and engines types. Compare and contrast lessor offers across deals and benchmark them with regional lease rates
  • Integrate third party fleet databases to better target RFPs
  • Segment lessors by geography, fleet statistics or other metrics
  • Centralize lessor information to provide data-driven intelligence and drive highly relevant 1:1 communications

Contract Management


Centralize Contract Management To Scale Your Business


Support for all lease contract terms such as:


  • Rent Types - fixed, floating, PBH, step ups, seasonal, daily etc.
  • Letter of credit terms, expirations, with reminders
  • Insurance expirations and renewals, with reminders
  • End of lease renewals, termination and purchase options, with reminders
  • End of lease compensation (upsy-downsy, 1 or 2-way mirror, picture in-picture out etc.)
  • Redelivery conditions
  • Base readings
  • Document Management
  • Alerts on all key date based milestones delivered right to your inbox

Streamline Reporting


Reduce Administrative Costs


  • Extract FH, FC and other metrics from your MRO systems and transmit to lessors either via emails or a self service portal lessors can login to
  • Stay on top of MR accumulation based on FH & FC and contract terms. Reconcile invoices from lessors electronically
  • Understand MR balances by assembly at any point in history for smarter claim management
  • Forecast end of lease compensation based on forecasted condition for better event management
  • Issue MR claim invoices for shop visits through integration with third party systems such as AMOS, Trax, SAP, Oracle financials



Customize Your Reports To Get The Right Insights


  • Create your own reports or customize ours. A few sample reports:


    • Fleet Wide Portfolio Reports - aircraft type, variant, engine type, MTOW, lease terms, rent, MR rates etc.
    • Insurance Expirations by Operator
    • LOC Expiration Schedule by Operator
    • Customer Aging Report
    • MR Balances Report
    • LOC Terms Report
    • Depreciation Schedule with various depreciation methods
    • Low Asset Utilization Report
    • Historical Utilization with MR Balances
    • Rent Schedule, with Unpaid Balances
    • MR Balance History, with Unpaid Balances
    • All Invoices, with Unpaid Balances

Customize To Your Needs


Our powerful platform comes with customization capabilities at no extra cost - add your own fields to track additional metrics or KPIs that are unique to your contract terms.


An embedded workflow engine helps you coordinate tasks across multiple departments (utilization & MR approval, SV claims etc.).

Spend less time chasing information and more time making decisions

Fleet/ Contract Manager



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