Contract Management

Centralized contract management to scale your business:


  • Rent types - fixed, floating, PBH, step ups, seasonal, daily etc.
  • Letter of credit terms, expirations and reminders
  • Insurance expirations, renewals and reminders
  • End of lease options (early termination, renewal, purchase etc.), with reminders
  • End of lease compensation (upsy-downsy, 1 or 2-way mirror, picture in-picture out etc.)
  • Reminders on key milestones, delivered right to your inbox
  • Redelivery conditions
  • Base readings
  • Document Management

Maintenance Reserves

Customizable Maintenance Reserves To Give You Flexibility


  • Automatic escalation of reserves
  • Assumed, estimated and actuals re-conciliation
  • Changes in mid-month rates
  • Prospective rates with look backs
  • Interpolation based on FH:FC rates and derates
  • Reserve balances tracked by Airframe, Engines, LLP, LG and APU
  • Top up & lessor obligations
  • End of lease compensation
  • Shop visit claim processing with MR balance history lookup by date
  • Portal to allow airlines to enter utilization with electronic invoicing

Billing & Invoicing

Centralized Billing & Invoicing To Reduce Administrative Costs


  • Billing for rent, MR, interest, or other types of invoices
  • Auto billing in bulk for rent and MR
  • Portal to allow airlines to enter utilization and generate their own invoices
  • Working with IATA to standardize billing and invoicing formats
  • Reminders on key dates such as rent or MR due dates


Customize Your Reports To Get The Right Insights


Create your own reports or customize ours. A few sample reports:


  • Portfolio report with aircraft type, variant, engine type, MTOW, lease terms, rent, MR rates etc.
  • Lease end, extension option, Insurance or LOC expiarations by operator
  • Low asset utilization
  • Rent, MR and other invoice schedule, with unpaid balances
  • Customer aging
  • Depreciation schedules

Better Insights Into Cash Flows & Valuation

Cashflow Forecasting Helps You Predict The Future:


  • Run forecasts on aircraft with different assumptions
  • Over-ride parameters such as FH:FC or operating conditions
  • Analyze future SV intervals and impact on MR
  • Incorporates top-ups and lessor contributions
  • NPV, IRR and cash multiple calculations
  • IRR sensitivity around different purchase prices
  • Plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into models
  • Automated calculations of maintenance adj. half life, full life & market values

Customize To Your Needs

Our powerful platform comes with customization capabilities at no extra cost - add your own fields to track additional metrics or KPIs that are unique to your contract terms.


An embedded workflow engine helps you coordinate tasks across multiple departments (utilization & MR approval, SV claims etc.).

Improve Productivity

  • LeaseWorks brings insightful data right at your fingertips
  • Use your mobile device of choice to do every day tasks
  • Generate lease summaries, review portfolio reports and get alerts on key dates on your mobile
  • An embedded workflow engine to coordinate tasks across departments

Spend less time chasing information and more time making decisions

Contract Manager



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