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Market Intelligence: The Analytical Lifeline for Aircraft Leasing

Market Intelligence is an important aspect of the aircraft leasing industry as it provides valuable insights into market conditions, competitor behavior, and consumer trends and preferences. By collecting and analyzing data from various sources, lessors can make more informed decisions about their market strategies, ultimately leading to improved profitability and competitiveness.

Lessors’ commercial teams use Market Intelligence to benchmark the lease rate proposals they receive from airlines, aiding decisions on whether to accept or reject lease offers, negotiate rates, or determine the most cost-effective approach to providing leasing services.

At LeaseWorks, we understand the importance of Market Intelligence – our platform offers a one-stop-shop for lessors to collect and analyze relevant market data. Our Market Intelligence module constantly collects multiple data points as the application is being used and provides analytics around this, with robust reporting capabilities.

The data recorded may include information from portfolio acquisitions that have crossed your desk, both won and lost deals, third-party sources, such as world fleet, and even chatter from your reps. The quality of the data can also be classified into different categories, such as High, Medium, and Low, to distinguish between verified data and hearsay intelligence recorded at industry events.

Market Intelligence is an essential tool for lessors to ensure they make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. LeaseWorks is committed to providing lessors with the necessary tools to succeed in the highly competitive and rapidly changing aviation leasing industry.

Angela Balzano

Customer Success Manager