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LeaseWorks Utilization Tracker Product Spotlight

Enhanced Risk Management With Aircraft Usage Analytics

The LeaseWorks Utilization Tracker (“Tracker”) module, works in conjunction with AerisTM ASSET and AerisTM MATCH to combine third-party utilization data with fleet information. The combination provides custom insights into aircraft usage trends, empowering lessors to manage risk better risk better.

The Utilization Tracker enables lessors to track usage of all aircraft in the world to: 

  1. Monitor any discrimination of the lessor’s fleet vs. the rest of the fleet by operator, region and aircraft type. 
  2. Detect credit deterioration when airlines park aircraft enmasse
  3. Audit monthly utilization with third party source
  4. Understand flying patterns into no-fly jurisdictions
  5. Generate exceptions reports and alerts on any scenario above
  6. Allows lessors trace the history of aircraft they are purchasing, offering transparency and confidence. 


Let's explore how this solution redefines aviation data analytics, setting a new standard for informed decision-making and industry leadership:

Understanding Airline Customers

The “Lessor Fleet Analytics - Utilization Trends” dashboard provides a comprehensive view of aircraft activity over time, analyzing data by fleet, customer, or aircraft and giving visibility into usage patterns. Intuitive filters, such as operator, manufacturer, aircraft type, and vintage, pinpoint trends and anomalies, enabling lessors to identify fluctuations and spot early indications of issues with customers. Be it tracking the impact of external factors, such as the COVID swan event, or optimizing fleet performance, Tracker empowers lessors to understand customers like never before.

Spotting Trouble Early

Tracker empowers lessors to set up customizable notifications for exceeded thresholds or parked airplanes, ensuring they are alerted immediately to any unexpected deviations in aircraft activity. Be it unexpected flights to unfamiliar destinations or deviations in utilization levels, Tracker keeps lessors informed, so they can take proactive measures to address emerging issues.

Catching Reporting Errors

Tracker enables lessors to spot discrepancies between the flight hours (“FH”) and flight cycles (“FC”) reported by airlines and the recorded data.  Detailed reports for each aircraft display the hours provided by a third-party provider and the airline, along with the percentage discrepancy between them, using colored flags to indicate the degree of discrepancy. Lessors can quickly assess and prioritize discrepancies for further investigation, maintaining the accuracy of their maintenance reserve invoicing.

Extra Insight When Purchasing Assets

Tracker’s data dates back to 2019 and is available for all aircraft, providing lessors with a comprehensive view of the history and usage of the to-be purchased aircraft. Lessors can track the routes flown by the aircraft, as well as the hours and cycles logged during each flight, enabling them to assess whether the aircraft's usage aligns with their expectations. Key metrics, such as the hours-to-cycles ratio, enable lessors to identify any discrepancies or unexpected patterns in usage. Moreover, they can determine if the aircraft has been operating in hostile environments, providing crucial insights into its maintenance and potential wear.

Pulling It All Together

From proactive notifications for exceeded thresholds to error detection and compliance reporting support, Tracker is a groundbreaking tool that sets a new standard for informed decision-making, giving lessors confidence and transparency in purchasing new aircraft.

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