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Invest in Quality: Why Buying Software from a Software Product Company is a Smart Choice

Lessors rely on software to manage their assets, analyze data, and make informed business decisions. When it comes to choosing software, lessors have a choice between working with consulting firms or buying software directly from software companies. Why is it better for lessors to buy software from a software company?

One of the key advantages of buying software from a software company is that they have specialized expertise in developing software products. A software company has teams of developers, designers, and engineers who are dedicated to creating high-quality software that meets the needs of their customers. This expertise translates into more robust and reliable software products. Software companies have established quality assurance processes and are committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance for their products, giving aircraft leasing firms the confidence they need to rely on their software day in and day out.

Another advantage of working with a software company is that they have a broader customer base and a centralized product management function. Product managers constantly evaluate how products are used across a large customer base and then plan roadmaps to enhance the product or fix issues centrally that benefit multiple customers.

In contrast, consulting firms typically treat each customer as a project and fix issues particular customers have and do not translate these fixes to their other customers. Often these come at great costs as maximizing client billing is the primary objective of a consulting firm. While some consulting firms may have software development teams, their expertise in this area may not be as deep as that of a dedicated software company. They may lack the same level of ongoing support and maintenance as a software company, which can be a disadvantage when issues arise.

Working with a software company also offers access to a community of users and developers who can share leading practices. This community can be a valuable resource for lessors, as they look to get the most out of their investment in new software. The company may also offer ongoing training and resources to help users get the most out of the software.

Ultimately, when it comes to software for lessors, the choice between a consulting firm and a software company is clear. A software company offers more specialized expertise in developing software products, a broader customer base, and a proven track record of successful implementations. They also offer ongoing support and maintenance for their products and access to a community of users and developers. In contrast, consulting firms may lack the same level of expertise and ongoing support and maintenance.

By working with a software company, lessors can be more confident in the quality and reliability of their software, ensuring they have the tools they need to operate their businesses effectively.

Diane Heron

Customer Success Manager