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Accelerate Deal Velocity by 50% with LeaseWorks Deal Management

Opportunities or deals in the aviation leasing industry can travel through users' inboxes only to be immediately buried by new ones. Using manual planning techniques and tools, such as Excel and Email, to track and collaborate on transactions leads to missed opportunities, slower turnaround time, and a decrease in revenue.


Opportunities or deals in the aviation leasing industry can travel through users' inboxes only to be immediately buried by new ones. Traditional productivity tools such as Excel, file repositories and emails challenge marketing reps and management due to several reasons:

  • The large volume of transactions they have to process via traditional communication methods such as email or telephone tend to overwhelm their ability to prioritize

  • Closing deals become a challenge when they have to make critical decisions based on incomplete data or have dependency on others

  • The information flow and analysis tends to get bogged down when they try to integrate data, systems, people, and processes using email

This finally leads to missed opportunities, slower turnaround time and a decrease in revenue.


LeaseWorks' flexible deal management software has a proven track record of enabling customers to close deals 50% faster and do more in less time:

  • CUSTOMIZED DEAL PROCESS: LeaseWorks provides solutions to manage customers' deal life-cycle (from origination of an opportunity through to drafting of LOIs, bid iterations and contract signing) by customizing the platform to tailor it to their unique deal pipeline management process and workflows.

  • FASTER DECISION MAKING: Diligence by the deal teams on deal progress is ensured with a central hub for information, approval processes, automated alerts and reminders for specific users as deal stages are reached. This facilitates dealmakers to leverage information on a centralized platform that streamlines the decision making. Transparency across teams helps customers turn LOIs around in as little as four hours.

  • TREND ANALYSIS: LeaseWorks allows advanced and easy reporting (ad hoc or scheduled) that breaks down key metrics relating to marketing campaigns, sales and remarketing trends, lease revenue, team performance, and more. This helps with trend analysis to facilitate better decision making.

  • INFORMATION ON THE GO: The mobile app allows you to stay connected to real-time live data on the road, thus allowing you to run deal transactions from your phone.

  • INVESTOR ACCESS: LeaseWorks offers a secure, integrated investor access or portal, so customers can share key data and metrics with investors or other stakeholders that may need access to relevant marketing information.

The LeaseWorks Way

At LeaseWorks we are obsessed with building software to solve customer problems. The LeaseWorks Deal Management solution has been developed by our team of industry experts to give you the edge to stand out from your competitors.


Archana Sukumar

Customer Success Manager