Spend less time chasing information and more time making decisions



Centralize Technical Info For Smarter Decision Making


  • Generate spec sheets and disk sheets in different formats
  • Technical management of airframe, engines, LLPs, APU, and landing gears
  • Engine database to drive behavior for large fleets
  • Nomenclature to support Boeing and Airbus aircraft structural repairs
  • ADs and SBs
  • Equipment database and list by ATA Chapter
  • Templates for technical, delivery and re-delivery audits
  • Lease return, redelivery and delivery planning project templates
  • Forecast future PRs based on harsh or benign conditions
  • Attach technical documents and photos
  • Search and find info or documents by MSN, ESN or key words

Predict SV & MR Exposures


  • Track tech details around shop visits and performance restorations
  • Real time projection of maintenance events, PR for aircraft or fleet
  • Reserve management during shop visits
  • Project plan integration to coordinate tasks during shop visits, deliveries or audits
  • Templates for document check lists and inspections for different types of events

Understand Risk Exposure & Cashflows


  • Forecasts to evaluate shop visit timing and maintenance reserve impact
  • Vary operating conditions, FH/FC, intervals etc. to understand effect on forecast
  • Supports top ups, lessor contributions and second lease periods
  • Projection of EOLA payments based on MR rates and return conditions
  • NPV, IRR and cash in-cash out calculations based on purchase price
  • IRR sensitivity around different purchase price intervals
  • Incorporation of artificial intelligence (planned)

Reduce Administrative Costs With Customer Portal


Customer portal to allow airlines to:

  • Automate monthly utilization reporting
  • Claim shop visits
  • Review contract terms and technical specs
  • Update technical information as needed
  • Add aircraft documents

Giving You The Power To Customize

Add your own fields to track additional metrics or KPIs that are unique to your technical needs


Build your own dashboards, to answer your important questions.  A few sample reports:


  • Aircraft Technical Report
  • Engines & LLP Condition
  • Monthly Utilization & MR Reports
  • ADs and SBs
  • Equipment List By ATA Chapter
  • Lowest Limiter Across Engine Portfolio
  • Next Event And Reserve Coverage/Shortfall Across Fleet

Improve Productivity

  • LeaseWorks brings insightful data right at your fingertips.
  • Use your mobile device of choice to do every day tasks
  • Generate spec sheets, review lowest LLP limiters or shop visits details from any where
  • An embedded workflow engine to coordinate tasks across departments


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